Materials Solutions Services

PHARMHE UK LTD offers a comprehensive selection of customised biological materials for research and development.

Our materials consist of;

  • Cytokine
  • Membrane protein
  • Enzymes and Inhibitors
  • Target Proteins etc.

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PharmHe UK LTD also offers a range of of customised biological materials for research and development. Our cell-free xpression is a customized solution for big molecular R&D and synthetic biology applications.

Our Cell-free Protein Synthesis (PLD-CFS) is a prokaryotic cell-free system which enables rapid and efficient in vitro expression of proteins using linear or plasmid DNA templates.

Proteins of interest can be synthesized in a “one-pot” manner using cell extract derived from genomic engineered E. coli specifically modified for cell-free protein production.

It is a powerful tool to speed up the efficiency of either academic scientific research, or a big molecular development.


PLD-CFS System

PLD-CFS System

Fast: Protein synthesis within 2-10 hours
Flexible: Linear, circular DNA or PCR products
Easy to handle: One pot reaction, only need to add template
High through-put: compatible with various reaction vessels
High yield: maximum 5mg/mL protein yield in batch reaction Monohydrate
Versatile: various proteins including disulfide and membrane proteins

PLD-CFS Proteins
PLD-CFS Produced
Partial PLD-CFS