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We are developers of Choline Bitartrate (one of China’s National Sparking Projects), Choline Dihydrogen Citrate, and Allantoin. Our patented film coating Choline products have created enhanced stability, taste, and manufacturability for our international client base.

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Mechanism of Ectoine

Ectoin was discovered and impressive because it is part of extremophiles, and ectoine protect the extremophiles alive under extreme climate conditions, like ice desert, salt lake, hot spring, etc.

Ectoine is an amino acid derivate, which forms strong hydrogen bonds with water and stabilizes intermolecular, intra cell and cell membranes and protects against environmental stressors such as salinity, freezing, drying and high temperatures.

Therefore, Ectoine has the necessary properties and application in the cosmetic industry to protect the skin and cell from harmful conditions.

Our Product Features:

  • Produced by fermentation technology
  • Natural source
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Purity>99%
  • Better stability for temperature
  • Better stability for Light and oxygen

Ectoine Enhances Cell Protection

Ectoine can enhance the resistance of cells to surfactants and reduce their damage to cells.

Physiological Effects of Ectoine: (Please see the scientific reference below)

  • Anti-Ageing and Anti-wrinkle
  • Repair Sensitive skin & Excellent Moisturizing
  • Effective Anti-sunburn
  • Effectively resist UVA-induced light ageing
  • Effectively resist UVB-induced skin damage
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Scientific papers about Ectoine:

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